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The Australian Institute for Enneagram Studies (AIES) is an Enneagram teacher training and professional development faculty. It also encompasses the Australian Enneagram Community (AEC), which offers workshops and programs throughout the year and in a variety of settings to share the wisdom and teachings that are available through an understanding the Enneagram.

These workshops and colloquiums are intensive programs of short duration, designed to provide an overview of the psychological, practical applications of the Enneagram and the historical and spiritual foundations that underpin this ancient system.

Workshops and colloquiums are offered in Brisbane, Gold Coast Hinterland, Sunshine Coast and Cairns.

Our workshops include:

1. Ninetrak®.  The Ninetrak® is a 3 hour workshop that provides a brief introduction to the psychology of personality, the intelligences described within the Enneagram, and a description of each of the nine personality types.  The description of each type is provided by a person of that type who shares information about their particular personality type, and how the personality plays out in their life. 

2. The Enneagram and Spirituality. This is a two day workshop 'Enneagram and Spirituality' is offered each year in October in Brisbane. This dynamic weekend presents the growing body of knowledge that builds over time in the AEC. This workshop provides information on the history and theology of the Enneagram, offered in both a western and eastern framework. Attendees will be invited to participate in a panel series which exemplifies the different and unique way in which each type experiences spirituality in their life.

3.  Colloquiums. These are one or two day workshops that enable the participant to learn both Enneagram theory and also experience or participate in the panels. Colloquiums offer delegates the opportunity to observe each of the nine personality types consecutively within this one to two day period.  This presentation of the personality panels in this manner clearly highlights the contrast between each of the personality types.  The benefit of observing the panels in quick succession over the course of hours includes the ability to notice the centres of intelligence, the extroverted, introverted and neutral presentation of the personality types, and to gain a sense of your varying reaction to each of the personality types.

Masterclass and Panel Programs and are also offered throughout the year.

Workshops and Programs are also offered to organisations or groups as requested. Please contact us to discuss your corporate needs.

See calendar for dates and details.


The Australian Enneagram Community (AEC) is a community based organisation that offers Panel Series, workshops, colloquiums and other opportunities throughout the year to learn about the enneagram.


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