The Australian Institute for Enneagram Studies (AIES) is a teacher training and professional development faculty. A part of the AIES is the Australian Enneagram Community (AEC). This is a community of people who support the Enneagram panel series and other community-based education programs. These education programs are offered throughout the year in Brisbane, Gold Coast Hinterland, Sunshine Coast and Cairns.

Programs are run consecutively, however each week operates independently. Whilst commitment to the entire program is highly beneficial, attendance at every panel is not required. You are welcome to attend panels and Master Classes in accordance with your availability.

1. Panel Program. This nine week course provides an in-depth investigation into each of the nine personality types across nine consecutive weeks. This program is offered four times per year. Please refer to our calendar for dates and details.

2. Enneagram Master Class Program. The Master Classes are offered across three consecutively Thursday evenings. This program offers an understanding of the philosophy and psychology of the Enneagram and a demonstration of the personality types in the form of Triad Panels – the Power Triad (Type Two, Type Five, Type Eight); the Idealist Triad (Type One, Type Four, Type Seven); and the Invisible Triad (Types 3, Type Six, Type Nine).  Presenting the types in this way offers a clear comparison and contrast of the centres of intelligence, and demonstrates how each centre of intelligence uses power, idealism or invisibility to achieve their survival goals.  This program is offered four times a year at the Relaxation Centre, South Pine Rd, Alderley. For dates and details see: or call the Relaxation Centre 07 38563733

Workshops and Colloquiums are also offered throughout the year (Hyperlink to Workshops and Colloquiums page).  Both Workshops and Programs are also offered to organisations or groups as requested. Please contact us to discuss your corporate needs.

See calendar for dates and details.


The Australian Enneagram Community (AEC) is a community based organisation that offers Panel Series, workshops, colloquiums and other opportunities throughout the year to learn about the enneagram.


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