Wellness Weekend

Our conscious lives are dominated by unconscious patterns of thinking, feeling and bodily sensations.  These unconscious or automatic behaviours are sometimes useful and appropriate but more often than not their lack of adaptability leading an individual to experience suffering, alienation from both relationships and from the flow and rhythm of the world in which they live.  All too often in our busy lives we pay little attention to the existence and influence of these hidden patterns.  Sitting in meditation is a chance to look beyond the distractions of our daily lives and discover the hidden truth about ourselves.  Meditation provides the discipline to deepen our own self observation and the strength to change habits and automatic responses that may be counterproductive and sometimes harmful. Meditation is “gym work for the mind and the heart”.  The stillness of meditation places us in the presence and flow of the world around us, which is amongst the first thing we lose sight of in the distractions of family and business life.

Meditation requires one’s full attention and self-discipline.  Since it works against habitual behaviour, in some case addiction, it can be difficult and uncomfortable.  Meditating rhythmically over a number of days and throughout the day and night requires a strong will and purposeful resolve.  While the retreat directors will support you wholeheartedly in your meditation, in the end only self-discipline and a resolute mind will allow you to accomplish the goal of a more honest and truthful self-observation.

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