Andelaine is situated on the New South Wales/Queensland border, on the cusp of the Mt Warning caldera. Breathtaking views from Andelaine encompass New South Wales, and include Mt Warning, the Pacific Ocean, and Byron Bay.

The third stage involves the construction of residential quarters for up to 15 medium to long term contemplatives, focusing on both contemplation and healing or medical wotk thorugh the medical practice. 

The vision for Andelaine is to provide a centre for meditation and contemplation in a busy urban world with few places left to experience the stillness of contemplation in a beautiful and unspoiled environment. Long term, it is planned to establish a residential accommodation for individuals needing the structure of an intensive contemplative life of meditation, exercise, diet, work and prayer.

Part of the vision of Andelaine is to be able to provide all of this at nominal cost so as to encourage meditation in daily life, contemplation as an integral annual part of a person’s busy urban existence, and long term contemplation for individuals requiring a more intensive and extended experience of contemplative life.

Dr Margaret Buring, local area G.P. and member of the Board,  has also offered her extensive experience in medicine to provide a holistic approach, including addressing many of the addictions and malaise that are a direct result of hectic, urban working and intimate life in Australia in the 21st century.

At the centre of Andelaine is it's Meditation Hall. The hall is a relocated Church from Binjour near Gayndar. The interior of the Hall is lined with Queensland Bunja pine and features 13 magnificent stain glassed windows focusing on the practice of virtue and the herioic lives of contemporary virtuous men and women, including:

Leymah Gbowee         Theresa of Calcutta

Vincent Lingiari          Angelo Roncalli

Nelson Mandela          Aung Sung Suu Kyi

Oscar Romero             Jean Donovan 

Victor Chang               Beda Chang

Roger Schultz             Thomas Merton

Benedict Duss             DT Suzuki

Tich Nat Han               Fred Hollows

Phyllis Cilento             Weary Dunlop

Mary Magdalene         Mary of Nazareth 

Mary MacKillop          Martin Luther King

Mahatma Ghandhi       Irene McCormack

Edith Stein                   Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Maximillian Kolbe


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