A system of nine personality types that empowers a better understanding of ourselves


The Enneagram is a framework that provides a wealth of information about human behaviour and condenses a great deal of wisdom into a compact system. The framework is relatively easy to understand and is a powerful and dynamic tool for understanding ourselves and others.


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Panel Series - Weekly

The panel series is a 10 week Wednesday evening program offered four times a year in Brisbane. 2017 is our twenty third year running Enneagram Panels in Brisbane



Workshops & Colloquiums

The Enneagram Colloquium uses the panels to explore and experience the Enneagram framework. The nine panels are presented over one or two days with reflection and an insightful commentary to highlight the passions and virtues.


Graduate Diploma of Enneagram Studies

The primary focus of the AIES is to train teachers about and within the Australian Oral Tradition. In order to do this, the Institute provides a high-quality and rigorous training program.



The Australian Enneagram Community (AEC) is a 'Not For Profit' organization providing enneagram programs in a variety of formats throughout the year. The programs include the ten week Panel Series, one & two day workshops, colloquiums, introductory outreach programs and corporate consultancy in Brisbane, Cairns, the Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast.  See calendar for dates & details. 



Essential to managing the personality is the establishment of a daily meditation practice. In its more than thousand year history, meditation has been associated with developing insight into the impact of the personality on ourselves and those around us. The AIES runs regular introductory meditation weekends (Wellness Weekends)  at its beautiful retreat centre, Andelaine, situated in the Gold Coast hinterland.


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